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Saturday, February 19, 2011


I’ve been thinking
how life is short and
how to live it well
I’m not thinking
of sins and virtues or
the seven deadly habits of
highly effective people
I mean happiness --

like seeing –
how big is the sky,
the bullfrog
come from the bottom
of the backyard pond
to feel
the soft spring rain
on her horny head,
the man who works so diligently – on what?
in the cubicle down the hall,
how my whole body softened
at that baby’s smile
beneath the framed glass
in my allergist’s office, and
my friend’s smile even after
the bike accident
broke bones in his face. 

Some days I see myself
wanting to stay in bed
coveting someone else’s life
full of me
with appetites too big to quench
and then

I remember

this one beautiful day


Blog Captain said...

Beautiful, Joanne. Knowing the who and what of your images, I was especially touched.

Joanne said...
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