Ballerinas / Soledad square

Saturday, February 5, 2011


The Magnolia tree on Boyd
has a whole new look
A new spring outfit
the first on the block to strut her stuff

Petals deep pink
point skyward
and as each day lingers
just moments longer
she shows a little more
of her milk-colored velvety insides,
pistils and stamens standing straight up

beckoning the honey bee
dazzled by the show
but disappointed,
her nectar saved for the beetle

The moist green leaves are all gone
shed one by one
and for just a moment
the bungalow shows off
her clean pointed roof line
blue green shingles, white and maroon trim
against bare branches

The flowers in the canopy whistle
to hundreds of buds below:
Open! Show off!
Show everyone
on Boyd Avenue, Berkeley, and beyond
how beautiful and grand you are!

and blushing, the buds begin their slow dance

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